The Elsa Earring - 6 Variations

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This collection was designed using gold plated brass semicircles, white pearlescent resin semicircles, unique gold plated studs and hoops, as well as faux pearls. They are the perfect neutral accessory, and can easily be worn casually or as part of a dressy outfit for an occasion.

Please choose the style you would like from the drop down menu.

Style #1) Brass & Resin Semicircles with Circle Stud (Length: 1.9")
Style #2) Square Shape Hoops with Faux Pearl Dangle (Length: 1.0")
Style #3) Brass & Resin Semicircles with Hook (Length: 2.25")
Style #4) Brass & Resin Shapes with Gold Triangle Stud (Length: 2.25")
Style #5) Large Gold Hoop Dangles with Semicircle Accents (Length: 3.5")
Style #6) Long Semicircle Design with Acrylic Triangle Stud (Length: 3.5")

Please select the color/shape you would like to purchase from the dropdown menu.

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