Stackable Amethyst and Moonstone Stretch Bracelets

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This bracelet stack features a variety of beads and gemstones in complementary hues of purple, white, ivory, and gold.

These bracelets are made with stretch elastic. Please take care not to overextend your bracelets. To wear, gently roll them off and on your wrists.

Each bracelet comes in a standard size of 7 inches. If you need a slightly smaller or larger size, please message me prior to purchasing and I will be happy to accommodate you.

All bracelets are made to order. Each style is sold separately.

Style A: 4mm Hematite Beads with 10mm White Magnesite Focal Bead
Style B: Amethyst & Moonstone Chip Beads with Brass Accents
Style C: 6mm Chevron Amethyst with Hematite
Style D: 4mm Hematite Beads with Moonstone Chip Beads
Style E: 4mm Hematite Beads with Amethyst Chip Beads
Style F: 6mm Chevron Amethyst with Brass Accent Beads

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