The Afina Hoop

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This collection is inspired by the mixing of neutral tones. The key components include amber lucite teardrops and faceted, Dzi agate, black and white striped rondelle beads. Each piece is lovingly designed and crafted by hand.

These are small, beaded, sunburst hoop earrings. This style hangs approximately
2.0" inches from the lobe and measures about 1.0" inches across their widest point. The hoops are 25mm and 18k gold plated. These hoops are lightweight and easy for everyday wear.

In ancient Tibet, dZi agate and Dzi beads were thought to be petrified insects that were left as gifts for people of good karma to find. They are thought to bring their wearer good fortune, health and luck. Striped dZi beads like in this design are thought to bring their wearer good fortune and wealth.

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